Clinical Informatics, Diagnostics, Screening, Continuous Monitoring
 Clinical Informatics, Diagnostics, Screening, Continuous Monitoring

State of Purpose

Health and Social Care Act 2008

Part 2 - Aims and Objectives


1.  To provide a world class standard for remote clinical services available under the NHS.

2.  To ensure that patients are seen by the most appropriate healthcare professional as quickly as possible.

3.  To focus on a general-purpose chronic disease and pharmacology management model, supporting patient self-management (patient empowerment).

4.  To provide patients with an experience and environment that is comfortable, friendly, professional and relaxing and covers all aspects of health and safety requirements.

5.  To understand and meet the needs of our patients, involve them in decisions about their care and encourage them to participate fully.

6.  To involve other professionals in the care of our patients where this is in the patient’s best interests; for example, referral for specialist care and advice.

7.  To ensure that all members of our team have the right skills and training to carry out their duties competently.

8.  To guide all staff in accordance with diversity and equality.

9.  To continuously improve the lines of communication to patients using the latest technologies as appropriate.

10.To develop new ways to educate and inform patients in order to encourage patients to be pro-active in their health and wellbeing.

11.To ensure effective and robust Information Governance Systems.



The Company will harness remote digital technologies at its core to manage long term condition patients within home or community settings with an ambition to rapidly grow nationally and internationally in order to meet the priorities that are defined by commissioning parties.


The Company's deliverables are to be provided in courteous, peaceful, practical, professional and safe surroundings, which cover all Health & Safety and Infection Control requirements. E-NCOMPASS aim to provide the best possible healthcare within the scope of the NHS. It will be free at the point of use for the vast majority of users, however, any charges for services not covered by the NHS, will be made clear to the patient in advance of those services being carried out.


The Company will strive to maintain patient equality at all times and all fully registered patients will be afforded the same level of service regardless of age, sex, disability, sexual preference, ethnicity, nationality or religious beliefs.


The Company will strive to provide the very best in general clinical services and will pride itself on being a whole person centred assessment, diagnostic and management service. Our services will include, but are not necessarily limited to, disease prevention, health promotion, and the management of chronic long term conditions.


In order to provide the best possible healthcare, we need support from our patients, whereby they take responsibility for their own health and the Company will continuously look at ways and means in order to enable them to do this, by educating and informing patients through our website as well as other lines of communication. The Company will continue to look at ways in which it can become more efficient without compromising on quality, however, patient support is needed to help us achieve this.


The spiritual, social, psychological and physical aspects of each person are fully considered. The Company seeks to meet the needs of people to understand and know about their own bodies, sharing the responsibility of each patient’s healthcare equally. It achieves this by allowing patients to be equiped with the means to communicate with a person who is knowledgeable and can help them in most areas of their medical requirements. If the Company is not able to provide the expertise required on site, it will make referrals to the appropriate healthcare professionals in order to help the patient.


The Company will offer its services from 24/7, Monday to Sunday.


The Company will remain fully computerised and ensure that all clinicians have full access to all patients’ notes as required.


Staff will have yearly appraisals and we will identify training needs, ensuring that all staff have the skills and knowledge required to perform their duties to the highest possible standard.


We will also maintain compliance with all legislative, industry and professional requirements.


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